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Zeeland East Wrestling Philosophy

“Everyone has the desire to WIN.  Only CHAMPIONS have the desire to prepare.”

People tend to believe that “Champions” are individuals who win the most matches, win individual tournaments or multiple gold medals. We believe champions are individuals who strive to achieve their full potential on and off the mat. A true champion is a person who takes their given ability and talent to its highest level possible. They strive to achieve greatness every day in the practice room, classroom, in the community and in competition. Champions are dedicated, committed, aggressive, motivated, goal focused, fearless, unselfish, disciplined and most of all relentless in their pursuit to achieve their goals.

How we conduct ourselves on and off the mat will be critical to our success. Following team rules, respecting our opponents and striving to be the absolute best within the rules of our sport are a must. Every decision we make both good and bad reflects on the program and school. Every wrestler in the program will have a role on the team, but no one will be more important than the other. Each individual will develop individual goals to strive for during the season. Each individual will understand that their commitment to the goals will make the team stronger. When our wrestlers truly commit to their individual goals, team success will follow.  It will be an expectation that we take care of one another as a family. We will strive to make each other better daily, helping one another reach the individual goals.

We will provide you the framework to accomplish your goals.  We will show you everything we know.  How you apply that knowledge is up to you.  We believe that a successful wrestler uses 10% strength (it’s all about leverage not strength), 40% technique (remember mastering only five moves can make you a Champion), and 50% will/desire to accomplish their goals.


Adapted from Shane Strong, Glennwood City, WI Wrestling Coach.



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