2012-2013 Goals

Zeeland East Wrestling Goals





    • The OK Black is a new conference to us this year.  We have seen many of these teams in the recent past but have no real history to rely upon to determine their individual style of wrestling or competition.  However, we have a core of experienced individuals which the TEAM can rely upon to score points for us in our duals.  We will also need to rely upon a group of new varsity wrestlers to work hard, take pride in themselves, take ownership of any mat they are on, and win big matches for us in tough dual meets.


  • Win Team Districts.
    • Districts will be held at Unity Christian this year with Byron Center, UC, West and EAST.  We have not won a District Title in a LONG time.  Every practice, dual, tournament, after-school run, etc. will be a building block to help us bring home the District Trophy.




To achieve our goals we will need to commit to the following key elements in our sport to be successful:


  • Physical Conditioning Aspect
    • Performance decreases significantly with fatigue.  Decrease performance does not win matches in the third period when you need it the most.
    • Cardiovascular endurance is an absolute necessity in our sport. Your weight training and extra conditioning will greatly aid a wrestler going in to compete at a high level.

Don’t cheat yourself in this area.


  • Practices
    • Practices will be held after school or as scheduled.  The practice calendar has been published since mid-September.  There are no excuses for missing practice.
    • Wrestlers are encouraged to run/condition extra outside of practice time, on days off, or before school.
      • If you are willing to put in 10 extra minutes a day for the 90 days from the first practice until Individual Districts you will have worked out an extra 15 hours to achieve your goals. That includes days off on the calendar, holidays, etc… Go for a 10 minute run with a teammate before school in the hallways. Stay after practice for 10 extra minutes to work on your weaknesses. 10 MINUTES MAY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE OF WRESTLING IN MARCH…


  • Workout production
    • It is one thing to attend a work out, but it is another to give 100% for the time you are there. It may be an hour, two hours or thirty minutes, what are you willing to give in that time period.


  • Technique.
    • Know all the moves.
    • Master 5 of them to be a Champion.
      • These are moves/technique that you “own.”  That you can rely without fail to score points when you need them.


  • Priorities
    • Family
      •  Your family is your #1 priority. Included are your family values, religious beliefs and those closest to you.
      •  Academics
        • You are a STUDENT-Athlete.  Student first.  Success on the mat and in the classroom are closely linked.  Strive to achieve greatness every day on the mat and in the classroom.   It will take sacrifice and desire to achieve greatness both academically and athletically, it is up to you.
      • Becoming a Champion
        • Work to become a champion. Refer to the program philosophy on what the true definition of a champion is.
      •  Enjoying your relationships and experience in high school.
        • This does not include alcohol, drugs or behavior that is forbidden by or would reflect negatively upon the school or the MHSAA. You can enjoy your time with friends and classmates without breaking the rules.