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Multiple Teams · Wrestling Alpha Weigh In

This is a reminder that the Alpha Weigh In for all wrestlers will take place THIS Thursday (Nov. 8) after school.  The Alpha Weigh In will consist of a hydration test, weight check, and skin fold analysis.  You must be properly hydrated to complete this process.  Failure to be properly hydrated requires 48 hours before you can be re-tested.  Drink plenty of WATER.  Pop, energy drinks, sugary drinks and similar DO NOT provide sufficient hydration to pass the hydration analysis.


Additionally, do not participate in any activities that would cause you to sweat during the day as this could negatively affect your hydration analysis.


Meet in the Athletic Trainer’s Office at 3:00pm.


I’ll hand out emergency contact cards at that time. They must be completed and signed by your parent (unless you are 18) and returned to me ASAP.


Reminder: Approved physicals are necessary to participate in ANY practice.  Make sure you have had your physical and it is on file with the Athletic Office.


Practices start Monday.  3:15pm.


Any questions call me at 616-795-1004 or email at