Multiple Teams · Everything you need to know to be ready for Fall Sports

Attention all Zeeland East and West  
Athletes and Parents:

Both Zeeland East and West Athletic Departments require ALL athletes to have a ZAC (Zeeland Athletic Card) in order to try-out for a sports team. Completed ZAC’s will then be given to your coach (by YOU) on the first day of tryouts or practice. Athletes without a ZAC will not be allowed to participate until they have one.

The ZAC consists of the following items that must be completed prior to tryouts:
• An annual sports physical/health screening (on or after April 15, 2015).
• ImPACT testing (every 2 years)—All freshmen, juniors and athletes who did not take it in the 2014-2015 school year.
• Athletic “Understanding Concussions” Form—this form only needs to be filled out once during your high school career and must be signed by a parent and the athlete.
• Academic Eligibility-checked by the athletic departments each season-no form necessary.
• Athletic Code Violations-checked by the athletic departments each season-no form necessary.

When do I need to have my ZAC card to play fall sports?
• Football starts on Monday, August 10
• All other Fall sports begin on Wednesday, August 12

How do you get your ZAC?
Stop by your home school’s Athletic Office:
• Aug 3rd – 6th (Monday thru Thursday) from 9am-3pm
• Aug 10th & 11th from 9am-3pm
• Football players will have the opportunity to get their ZAC during football camp the week of July 27-30 if they have completed all the required components. Please see the East athletic trainer, Jason Burgess, prior to the beginning of football activities each day to receive you ZAC.

How do I complete my ImPACT testing?
Please check the or websites to sign-up for summer ImPACT testing sessions or follow this link:

Fall athletes should plan to have their ImPACT test completed by August 5th.  Very limited testing times will be offered prior to the winter and spring athletic seasons, so please make every attempt to attend one of our summer sessions. Please note that there will be NO ImPACT testing sessions August 6 & 7.

Where can I get an “Understanding Concussions” Form?
Concussion awareness forms are available on either school’s sports websites, as listed above, under CHIX HQ or DUX HQ in the “Forms” tab. The completed signature page must submitted to the East Athletic Office to be considered valid.

Where can I get a Physical Screening/Physical Form?
Physical screening forms are also available on either school’s sports websites in the “Forms” tab.

What do I do with my ZAC once I have it?
Turn it in to your coach on the first day of practice or tryouts. If you do not have one to hand to your coach you will not be allowed to participate until you do give one to your coach.

What if I don’t play a fall sport, do I still need to get my ZAC?
Zeeland Athletic Cards will be required for all seasons. It is recommended that you complete your ImPACT testing in the summer, complete your “Understanding Concussions” form and physical form as soon as possible. However, if you are not playing a fall sport, the card will be kept until your season as academic eligibility and code violations will need to be verified each season.

What if I get my card for a fall sport and decide not to play?
All cards have an expiration date and if not used by that date they will be invalid. Cards can be turned back in to the athletic department.

What if I lost my card?
Please see your home school athletic department to obtain a new card. There is a $1 replacement fee for lost cards.