Multiple Teams · Zeeland East High School Coed Varsity Wrestling beat Kenowa Hills High School 43-36

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5:00 PM

Zeeland East High School

Kenowa Hills High School

Meet Recap

Zeeland East Wrestling faced Kenowa Hills and Holland at Holland on 1/20/2016. East faced Kenowa Hills first. Starting at 103, East quickly found themselves behind 36-0 but won all of the remaining matches to beat Kenowa Hills 43-36. East then faced Holland and lost to the host Dutch 23-58. Undefeated wrestlers on the night for East were Cam Soukhome at 145, Vincent Hunderman at 160, and Derek Turner at 189.

Zeeland East vs Kenowa Hills
103: Nick May (GRKENHLS) over (ZEAST) (For.) 112: Avrey Smith (GRKENHLS) over Chrisna Ngin (ZEAST) (Fall 0:00) 119: Landon Jones (GRKENHLS) over (ZEAST) (For.) 125: Skyler Stolk (GRKENHLS) over (ZEAST) (For.) 130: Cole Bonilla (GRKENHLS) over Coleton Lloyd (ZEAST) (Fall 0:00) 135: Chrisitan Schillim (GRKENHLS) over (ZEAST) (For.) 140: Eli Walcott (ZEAST) over Ben Racalla (GRKENHLS) (Fall 4:00) 145: Cameron Soukhome (ZEAST) over Jimmy Smith (GRKENHLS) (Dec 3-2) 152: Isaiah Uitvlugt (ZEAST) over Brandon Kersjes (GRKENHLS) (Fall 0:00) 160: Vincent Hunderman (ZEAST) over Austin Conner (GRKENHLS) (Fall 0:00) 171: Nelson Mey (ZEAST) over (GRKENHLS) (For.) 189: Derek Turner (ZEAST) over Jayden Hansen (GRKENHLS) (Fall 0:00) 215: Oliver Gust (ZEAST) over Dillyn LaFond (GRKENHLS) (MD 14-6) 285: Guillermo Elizardo (ZEAST) over (GRKENHLS) (For.)

Zeeland East vs Holland
112: Chrisna Ngin (ZEAST) over (HOLLAND) (For.) 119: Eduardo Gomez (HOLLAND) over (ZEAST) (For.) 125: Juan Vasquez (HOLLAND) over (ZEAST) (For.) 130: Mickey Phelps (HOLLAND) over Coleton Lloyd (ZEAST) (MD 14-1) 135: Justin Turner (HOLLAND) over (ZEAST) (For.) 140: Zion Silguero (HOLLAND) over Eli Walcott (ZEAST) (Fall 1:37) 145: Cameron Soukhome (ZEAST) over Steven Villarreal (HOLLAND) (TF 22-6 4:00) 152: Paul Betancourt-Meija (HOLLAND) over Isaiah Uitvlugt (ZEAST) (Fall 5:09) 160: Vincent Hunderman (ZEAST) over (HOLLAND) (For.) 171: Joseph Rivera (HOLLAND) over Nelson Mey (ZEAST) (Fall 1:21) 189: Derek Turner (ZEAST) over Eduardo Mireles (HOLLAND) (Fall 0:00) 215: Michael Visscher (HOLLAND) over Oliver Gust (ZEAST) (Fall 1:43) 285: Jesus Martinez (HOLLAND) over Guillermo Elizardo (ZEAST) (Fall 0:34) 103: Yzrael Silguero (HOLLAND) over (ZEAST) (For.)