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Concession Worker Sign-up


On behalf of the Zeeland Athletic Boosters Committee, welcome to  Zeeland East Concessions The  ZABC is  an integral part in the big picture of sustaining the quality of both ZPS and the community it serves. Thank you for joining us by getting involved, so that those that come here after us can continue to enjoy what we are privileged to enjoy now.

We staff the concessions with parent volunteers who earn $7 an hour which  goes directly to the athletic team of their choice.

Anyone can work concessions and earn money. We encourage grandparents, siblings, and the greater Zeeland community to volunteer! Students 16  and over may work without a parent and students age 15 can work WITH a parent. 

We also schedule shifts with a TEAM LEAD.    This volunteer not only earns  $14 per hour on their volunteer night but an additional “ZABC $5” coupon which can  be used towards  sports admission, concession purchases, or purchases at the ZE or ZW school store.  Please email  if you would like training-IT ONLY TAKES ABOUT 20 MINUTES AND CAN BE DONE BEFORE YOUR SHIFT.

Please use the following link to sign up:

Concessions Manager, Tammy Otten: 886-0173  Zeeland East’s Concessions Scheduler at