Fundraiser – Sweatshirts

As a team we wear Zeeland East Wrestling hooded sweatshirts.  To pay for these sweatshirts each year we have a competition amongst wrestlers to see who can collect the most cans/returnables.  I have the guys turn in the slips to me.  The top two earners (the most receipts) get their sweatshirts for free.  Everyone who participates in the can drive will get the value of the cans reduced from the amount due.  For example if 10 guys raise $100 total, they each get $10 off their sweatshirts each.  If you do no participate you do not get the discount applied to your sweatshirt.  Therefore it is in your best interest to collect cans.  We are also ALWAYS willing and grateful to accept any donations.


I requested that we have all the bottle slips into me by Nov. 30, but I have only received one set to date.  To help out, I am extending the deadline to Dec 7.  GET CANS collected and SLIPS to Coach Landes