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Zeeland Athletic Card (ZAC)


With the steady increase in documentation required by the MHSAA and State of Michigan for student-athletes to participate in high school sports, it became evident that there needed to be something in place to make it easier for coaches to know who was eligible to participate.The Zeeland Athletic Card (ZAC) was introduced in the fall of 2014 as a way to streamline the athletic eligibility process, but what is the ZAC and why do I need to have it before I or my child can participate?

The ZAC is a checklist of all the current documentation Zeeland Public Schools, the MHSAA, and the State of Michigan requires a student-athlete to submit to the school before they can participate in a high school sport (Note: this process is only employed by East and West high schools and is not currently adopted for any other level). These requirements include…

  • A current physical (performed on or after April 15th of the year that began the current academic school year) submitted to the high school athletic office
    • Physicals must be renewed each academic school year
  • A signed copy of the Acknowledgement of Risk Form
    • Only one copy needs to be on file for a student’s entire high school sports career
  • A current, valid ImPACT baseline test
    • A current test is one taken within the last two academic school years (typically a student’s freshman and junior academic years)
    • ImPACT tests are performed in advance of each athletic season and sign-ups are available in the Athletic Training News tab.
  • An athlete must also be academically eligible and must have no outstanding honor code violations in order to receive their ZAC and participate in a sport.

IMPORTANT: Zeeland East will only accept physicals that are on our most up-to-date physical form. This form, along with the Acknowledgement of Risk Form, can be found via their respective links to the upper right of this article.

A ZAC can be obtained from the Zeeland East Athletic Office no more than two weeks prior to the athletic season the athlete wishes to participate in and only after all ZAC requirements have been met. Each student-athlete must present their ZAC to their coach on the first day of practice/try-outs in order to participate. ZACs must be renewed for each athletic season, so any multi-sport athletes must re-obtain their ZAC from the East Athletic Office prior to their next season in order to participate.

If you have questions regarding the ZAC or any of its requirements, please contact the Zeeland East Athletic Office or the Zeeland East Athletic Trainer.